High Country Flyers 'Membership'
Our Membership year is September 1 - August 31. 

Welcome to the High Country Flyers membership page we have tried to design the page so that it is convenient for; New Members to join our Club - Membership re-renewal  Change membership Contact Information.
Our club is a registered 'Non-Profit' Society​ which simply means;
  •  The 'membership' is protected against liability for any mishaps - financial or otherwise.
  • The Directors are also protected as long as they are acting in 'good faith'.
  • Donations to the club are 'Tax Deductible'.
On this page there are links to our By-Laws which we are bound to follow in order to keep our  'Registered Non-Profit' status with the British Columbia 'Society Act'.
Every member is expected to read and understand our 'By-Laws' as part of the condition of membership per the 'B.C. Society Act'.

New & Renewal Membership Information
New Members - need to fill out a membership form and send it via 'snail mail' (Address is on the form) or e-mail to to the club Treasurer/Membership Secretary. You will also need a club member to sponsor you. If you don't know anyone 'contact a club director'.
One can pay for a 'new membership' by mailing the form in with a cheque or e-mail the form in.  
Membership Payment Options are: - e- transfers or cheques or cash for membership.
E-mail to club Treasurer.
Change membership contact information - E-mail to club Treasurer.
High Country Flyer's Treasurer 250-320-3140
c/o #13-1440 Ord Rd.,
Kamloops, B.C. V2B-8P9
HCF Constitution
HCF By-Laws
HCF  Application Form
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